Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Camera upgrade!

Having saved all the pennies that fell down the back of the sofa all year I finally had enough to get a 'new' camera. Well I say new but its secondhand-the 30D is no longer made but its very recent, and it came from ebay in excellent condition!
It also came with 3 batteries, 3 memory cards, Canon strap, unopened, charger and all the paperwork and CD ROMs! all for 250 quid!

Its a little bit lighter than the 10D, and tiny bit smaller, but has a bigger rear screen, the pop up flash raises up higher (should help for impromptu macro work), 2 more Mega pixies and better noise control at high ISOs!

I think I'm in love ;)


  1. ENJOY IT I have no doubt you will.

  2. Thanks!
    I believe I recognise your avatar from deviant art!

  3. Hope you get nice pictures and enjoy the new camera.

  4. Thanks gmazza, and I certainly am ;)

  5. Larry I have just joined deviant art because of you and also someone on the amateurphotographer website. When I am up to it I will post some stuff.

  6. Good to hear Don! Whats your username on dA?