Saturday, July 30, 2011

A guitar for David!

My 12 year step-son likes to strum on the kids' guitar, but its a bit small for him. I asked him if we got a guitar for him he would want me to teach him and he said yes, so we decided to look for a full sized classical.
Yesterday we found this Taygus in a second-hand shop. It needed a restring and I got some cool looking silver/black strings for it. Its just settling in now-will take a while before it stays in tune but it sounds great! Only cost us £20 too (about $40?)
Brand new it costs about £60 ($120) so was a bit of a bargain!

Just hope he still wants to learn....

Taken with the Canon 30D and 19-35mm zoom out in the garden.

Sunday, July 17, 2011

Four Fingers, Six Strings photo

This is a banner I made from a photo of my guitar. It was made for my new guitar blog:
Four Fingers, Six Strings blog

(Click to see it all as blogger cuts part of it off for some reason)